About HBCannU

HBCannU is a for profit cannabis based Social Enterprise designed for the sole purpose of creating cultural value and utilizing the profit from that value to target and disrupt social inequalities that impact our people throughout the African Diaspora. Our mission is to shift the culture by expanding legal cannabis literacy via HBCU and Black Culture worldwide. In our quest to create effective opportunities that empower our Black Youth via the holistic uplifting of our Black Communities throughout the African Diaspora, we decided to look no further than researching and utilizing legal elements of the very plant that has historically been used to destabilize and destroy our family structure via mass incarceration. With the updated status of CBD and hemp legalization via the 2018 Farm Bill, we decided to create and control our own narrative by ensuring that our people had direct access to a Black Owned brand providing premium farm bill compliant CBD products that are unapologetically catered to them.

HBCannU dedicates 25% of all net profit to our cannabis education, cancer and recidivism programs.

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